Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vida de la Ciudad

It is nine o'clock in the morning, my usual time for breakfast and blogging. I eat my breakfast alone, but I do not feel alone. Below me is a chorus of cars rushing off to everywhere, while in the distance I watch a crane spin above the city creating a new building for more humans. Above me, feet are shuffling from one room to the next. I hear a familiar song outside, and when I step out on the balcony I see a man below me hanging his laundry and singing to the music; in English! I give him his moment and quietly slide inside. Honkhonkhonk. The sun in reaching down the walls of the buildings to try to touch the confined trees as the sky changes shades of blue.

I am waiting for the bread to rise. 
Kneading the dough soothes me as my hands interact with food. The more time I spend spinning around the sun, the more I affirm my love of food. I love food. I appreciate the time and care that goes into making it right, and the delicate art that comes along with it. I feel food in my body, running along my curves like the sun on the buildings, energizing all that it touches. In Santiago I enjoy my meals in somewhat of a solitude, which makes me all the more grateful of enjoying them together with friends and family in the future. Sushi is Nikos favorite food to make, so we have made it twice since I have been here. His English is good, and his patience with my Spanish is uncanny. I am very grateful.

Today I will ask my legs to take me where the wish. The city is large, and yesterday I walked seven or more miles exploring the streets, saying hello to the sky. Today I will take a different route, and use my oversized map to find my way. I love to know where I am in the world, yet I often find that I am more lost than found. The streets are disorienting, and the buildings obscure my view of the sun. I always make it to where I should though, because I never begin with extremely concrete plans. And with that being said, let the day begin!


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