Wednesday, July 29, 2015

...but first, a shower

Delusional, you walk through a semi-abandoned town.
You only pass by one person, on a bike.
Your partner is sure that zombies will soon be crawling out of the rubble. And then you start to laugh, and she starts to laugh, and there is no reason other than the fact you have walked nearly 20 miles.
The body that carried you feels like someone else's, and it seems that there isn't any chance of finding a place to sleep here.
The thought of having to walk another 7 km is funny too. Your mind must be lacking oxygen.
And then by some miracle you come upon a sign "Virgen de Guadalupe."
But the sign has an arrow, and when you can see where the sign is pointed, you see another sign.
And there is nothing to do now but to laugh again about the pain.
About the blue paint splattered on the walls to cover the scars.
About the flower pots by the doorway.
About the man who answers the door.
In a flurry you are asked to take off your boots, shuffle upstairs, put down your bags and get your money. The man explains to the only other 4 guests that he will cook their mushrooms for them because they can't use the kitchen.
And after you pay, you ask for the wifi password and he responds swiftly "duchar, primero."
You know you smell.
Trust me you know you smell.
But this man feels he needs to remind you before you use the wifi.
Before you sit down to wait in line for the shower.
And before you go outside, "but first, shower."
And after you shower, the man sits nearby and watches orangutans on tv, while the ice cream truck sings outside, and you rush out, moved by some force to buy two liters.
Only until he drives away do you realize what you've done. But it's too late, so you smile and laugh one more time.
You've always dreamed of eating ice cream for dinner.

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