Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wake Up and Walk

This post may not captivate you.
This post will be nothing more than a compilation of words.
But these words are mine,
And this is the story I will tell.

Wake Up and Walk
One day you decide to walk. There is no reason other than the desire of your body to move through the world and the mind with it. A plane transports you, a train helps, the metros and buses carry you as well, and then it all slows down. One day you were running through routine. Early mornings, mindless tasks, days full of unwants, ending in drained energy. Today all you have to do is walk.
And you think you can.
Because any body can walk.
So you drink wine to aid in sleeping next to strangers snoring softly, loudly, and not at all. And when you wake up, your bag is packed before the sun graces the grasses with its love. The first step out the door is never memorable, but the feeling of certain uncertainty rings in your bones.
"Will I make it?" You wonder.
"Will I still like my friend after 500 miles?" You wonder.
"Will I like myself?" You ask, as the steps that follow begin to answer.
The first day is the furthest distance you have walked in your life. The adrenaline of adventure screams through your mind. Everything is simple. Each breath is important. Each pain reveals new aspects of disconnection and reconnection. The conversations surrounding you are full of broken languages trying to understand each other. Movement fills in where words cannot. Some people wait, others rush on. This is the pace you've chosen.
Its nothing short of magic to take that first shower, or to drink that first beer, or to feel that first buzz come on so easy while your body tries to rest. And sleep comes on so deeply, you wonder if it will ever end. But then it does.
And morning comes again.
And you fill yourself with fuel.
And you know what next, to do.

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