Friday, August 7, 2015

Taped Together

Currently, tape holds your world together.
The rip in your shorts, the arch of your foot, the pain in your knee. Pretty soon, the world around you will start believing in mummies. As the days go on, the current parts of your body that are stressed will displace their stress to other parts. Tape is always there for you. Even though every time you walk into a new store tape has a new name to use to find it.
But you always do after elaborate games of charades. By now, you are sure you could enter charade competitions. .
Even though your body aches, it still works, surprisingly.
Walking 500 miles isn't easy. Go figure.
Sometimes you want to scream. And you do. And temporarily you feel as crazy as you are.
And when you look at your hand with the wine bottle line, taped together of course, you'll find yourself wishing tape could hold together your thoughts. That it could close that hole where chaos leaks in and out so that you can feel peaceful as you move across the Meseta. The Italian man warned you that this part of the journey is for the mind, and your mind, pulled by physical pain with hints of emotional turmoil, is active. Even if you aren't spiritual, you end up having to face your spirit directly. Not even a good riddle can stop you from thinking about yourself.
About who you are.
What you are.
You are nothing more than a collection of the earth on foot. And although strong, you are fragile.
Although fragile, you are alive.
And alive, you are inspired to find the things you can use as mental tape.
What holds your spirit together as it processes everything?
Each step has become half mind half will, and you will move through it all,
Held together perhaps....
By tape

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