Tuesday, August 25, 2015

To Walk 500 Miles

Well you did it. You walked from the mountains, across all of Spain, to the sea. You went east to west, like the sun, and now? Ideally you could start each day with as much purpose and direction as every day from the past 36. But life isn't like that.
There are no yellow arrows guiding you in a direction. Even though you knew where the arrows were pointing, you were unsure of anything that would happen between you and that end. The end. That wild place where reality tries to slip back in for attention. Even though you're sure that reality is more like the Camino and less like what you're taught is normal, you manage to set all thoughts of future aside to keep being where you are right now.
A human spinning around on a giant ball called earth.
And everything is moving faster and slower than you are. Yet, your soles are the ones that hit the ground 35,000 times today. Your soul got lifted up by the clouds that tried to bring you down, and it felt so real that it has to be spiritual. So you get the special spiritual certificate from the front desk person who writes your name in Latin to confirm that you did it.
After all is said and done and the rush of doing it, 500 miles, wears off, you sit there.
What next?
What do days without yellow arrows mean? The heart yearns for that sense of direction and knowing. The body thanks you for giving it a rest. The mind wanders where it will proud and satisfied.
The past month was simple. The way it should be.
And I did it.
You did too.
You can too.

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