Monday, January 6, 2014

A Day Undone

I write now from a restaurant in Santiago called "the great gatsby" comforted by the familiar language at 3 AM in the morning. I was boarding a plane at this time yesterday but now it seems like an ethereal dream. Time has been molded and shifted so much in the past twenty four hours that I have had to let go of the desire to control or understand my place within it. Or maybe my desire still lingers, but I have accepted that time will do whatever it desires and in reality, may be much more fluid than any of us admit. 

Overall, the flights have been smooth. Some sort of greater spirit must be watching out for me because on both of my flights I have has 3 seats to myself. It's the first time I have successfully slept on a plane and I feel a giddy sense of accomplishment mixed with relief that is won't be too delusional when I meet the rest of my group. 

In My first 6 hour layover in Lima I ordered myself a Pisco con Fruta. The simplest joys in life truly bring the greatest sense of fulfillment. I must admit that this is the most adult I have felt, and potentially the first major move I have chosen based solely on my own interest. It feels good to believe that I am doing the right thing for myself. While the reality of what I am doing hasn't fully sunk in yet, I have begun to learn already. Ordering alone proves to be a major challenge with my limited English, but with a little laughter and some charades I am getting by just fine. Sleep proves to be the biggest challenge and calls for new and bold measures. 

Hasta luego!! 

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  1. Tell me more, Hannah! I want to know what you're planning to do in South America :) I have other friends that have been traversing Central and South America by backpacking, work trade and adventuring since March of last year - totally loving it! Gives me wanderlust and inspiration. Are you somewhat fluent in Spanish? I am not which scares me! Can't wait to hear more and so proud of you!