Monday, January 20, 2014

Aprendemos Espanol

I thought it would be easier to keep a blog with this new addition of an iPhone in my life, but I suppose I didn't take into account the fact that the majority of my studies are in the backcountry of a foreign country. Alas, here I am, nearly two weeks later with a short update. After my last post we boarded an overnight ferry to a place called Amarillo Valley. People were sprawled out all over the floors, desperately trying to find a place to sleep. I abandoned my hopes of shut eye and found some Chileans to talk with. Through broken Spanish we discovered some places to visit while in the small town of Chaiten. A small, spry man named Nicolas who was made of earth music and magic picked us up and guided us up a Volcano. It was a strenuous hike with steps made for giants, but the volcano was brilliant and I felt honored to be so near the center of the earth. It is beautiful that the earth opens herself when the pressure inside is too great. 

After running down the mountain and driving for two hours down a bumpy road with a van that bottomed out nearly every time we reached our resting place. It was a little taste of paradise and for 5 days we frolicked around and learned about plants and birds. I felt the curious child in me yearning to know the place that was so new. One morning I was lucky enough to watch the sun paint the mountains red.

We also hiked the a glacier.

After some hot springs and traveling and re supply in a town with one Small market I have landed in a place called Pillan. The locals are welcoming and there is a crew of girls who I talk with to learn Spanish. Yesterday we cooked a lamb that I helped to slaughter, and we danced late into the night with the people of this place.

Everyone is connected to this land, the cycles of life and death, and each other. The farm is not big, but everyone interacts and works together. In the mornings we help with various tasks like moving rocks and harvesting honey, then we have class, and then I go play futbol. I'm no good but they still let me play. 
Today the little girls invited me to make cake and bread with them and together we created delicious food and friendship. I cannot believe how much I am learning about this place, another culture, and myself. I have more to say, but I must return to my required readings. Balancing work and play is a delicate act, but I am getting by and my heart is full. 

Muchos Amor! 

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