Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello! I am in a small internet cafe in a town called Horno Piren. The town sleeps on an ocean front property that holds majestic Fjords in the distance. It is a small place and the streets are lined with dogs, and people resting on the benches. It is a different way of life than I am used to. The people who work work hard, and for long periods of time. I don´t have much time to write, or a way to upload pictures so I will keep this one short and tell you about a special dog that we found. He followed us a mile from town to our campsite, then on our 10 mile backpacking trip, then up our 9 mile day hike, then back into town where we left him by car yesterday. However, today as we were walking back into town we found the dog en route to our campsite. Its incredible. He was so excited to see us he started running in circles. I am not sure what we did to win the heart of this dog but he is currently waiting outside the internet cafe for us. That is what I call loyalty. Even though he is dirty, he has a special place in our hearts because of the sheer amount of effort he has shown to stay with us. We named him Shaggy. Sometimes you just have to accept things the way they are. That ball of fur in the middle is shaggy.

However, I miss fresh vegetables and knowing where they come from. It is a luxury I didn´t really know was so important in my life until I had it removed from me. I have been trying my best to talk with the people, but in broken spanish you can only get so far. I miss truly understanding people and how they feel and I yearn to bridge that gap as I learn more spanish. Academically we had a quiz yesterday which consisted of walking through the forest and naming the plants and birds in that area. Tomorrow we´ll have our first exam. Our campsite this time is an ecocamp and it is as dreamy as the Lost Boys camp in ¨hook¨I feel like I am a part of an ellaborate dream, and I am about to head back to a cafe that overlooks the water, with binoculars on each table to encourage wildlife viewing. 

 This is the nicest salad I have eaten thus far.

My time is up, I am sorry this blog is scattered, but I hope to write more soon.

Thank you for reading. 

Con amor,

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